Citizenship for Children

Recorded Date: 
Recorded Length: 
90 minutes

During this webinar, we cover the complex issues involving citizenship for children. We review acquisition and derivation of citizenship, as well as INA§322 citizenship for children. We concentrate on how to use the ILRC’s easy-to-read charts, which spell out eligibility for acquisition and derivation and walk through examples of each kind of citizenship for children. After listening to this webinar, practitioners will be significantly more comfortable assisting their clients through the acquisition and derivation processes.


Eric Cohen, ILRC Executive Director
Eric has been with the ILRC since 1988 and has extensive experience training both legal workers and lay advocates. His immigrant leadership trainings and expertise working with grassroots and union organizers remains a great asset. He has worked on many of the ILRC's manuals and other publications, including Naturalization & U.S. Citizenship: The Essential Legal Guide and How to Successfully Appeal Naturalization Denials. Eric has also conducted numerous trainings on a variety of immigration related issues and has served as a liaison between community groups and CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) officials. He helped develop ILRC's community model for effectively processing naturalization applications in groups and trained both legal workers and lay advocates in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles, and works with community organizers and others on voter education for naturalized citizens.

Erin Quinn, ILRC Staff Attorney