Immigration Legal Assistance Service Options

We offer two options in our  Attorney of the Day (AOD) technical assistance program: One that allows securing an on-going contract at a lower rate, or engaging in a one-time consultation.

  1. Contract Service
  2. One-time consultation

Contract Service

This option allows you to secure an on-going contract with us for a lower rate than the one-time consultation fee, and guarantees you discounted immigration law guidance rates! You can create an individual or group contract (for example, John Smith, Esq. or Law Offices of John Smith) so that members of your organization have access to this service. We collect a signed contract and an initial $300 retainer. Each time you contact us with a question, we will deduct the pro-rated charge from this retainer. You will be billed when your account falls below $50.

Rates (1/10 hr minimum)
Private Attorney$240.00/hr
Public Defender$220.00/hr
Retainer amount$300.00

One-Time Consultation

This option allows you to ask our attorneys questions on a one-time basis. Payment only in VISA, MasterCard, or American Express is accepted, and you must have your credit card information handy when you contact us. The hourly rate is $285/hour, with a minimum charge of 1/10 hour. Your charge will be prorated.

To get a one-time consultation, you can contact our attorneys directly via e-mail at, by phone 415-255-9499 ext. 626, or by fax 415-255-9792. Please indicate that you are a one-time consultation client.

Want to start a contract or have questions about AOD?

Please send an email to